Fenna van den Berg Coaching

Personal coach

Burnoutbehandeling / preventie


How it works

Usually, there is a free introductory meeting, in which we can see what coaching can do for you.

In the introduction, we look at what your situation is and what you want to achieve as far as you already know. (You can also first look at what you no longer want, then you will automatically come to what you do want). If you want to continue with coaching, we will describe what you want to achieve. We formulate a concrete coaching goal that can be achieved in a number of sessions. This is followed by the coaching sessions in which we take a closer look at the problem and choose the steps you need. I use various methods to bring you closer to your goal.

Here is a small selection of what we can do during a session (depending on your request for help of course):

  • Look at your patterns.
  • Change limiting beliefs.
  • See which different roles you fulfill.
  • Strengthening or weakening certain aspects of your personality.
  • Exploring what makes you happy.
  • See how you relate to other people.
  • Structuring your goal.

My method is not spiritual or vague but concrete.  I use NLP exercises, schematherapie, and exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy. 

I coach in my office in Rotterdam Netherlands and worldwide online.