Fenna van den Berg Coaching

Personal coach

Burnoutbehandeling / preventie


Why my coaching

Others think that I am good at my job, I coach with love and knowledge for the profession. I can describe myself as a committed no nonsense coach.

My name is Fenna. I am based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, but I also work worldwide online.

In addition to being an independent coach I am also practice support/internal coach for various GPs. I graduated cum laude from TC University as a professional coach. Since 2000 I have also been employed by mental healthcare foundation Yulius based in the Netherlands. I have over 20 years of experience in counseling, I am used to working with people with problems, but what I love about coaching is that it doesn’t only focus on the problems but more on the solution. My experience is that people get a lot of energy from being coached!

Without modesty I would describe myself as: Curious, I want to know everything about the latest developments in my profession. I am human, jokes are more than welcome! (I’m not weirded out by anything – try me). I am concrete, not alternative or new-agey. I am very involved and supportive.