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Burnoutbehandeling / preventie



As a coach I am specialized in stress and burnout problems, I offer my services to companies to coach employees, with a personalized approach.

If stress complaints are ignored for too long, one can end up with a burnout. In general, a burnout can be successfully treated by means of a coaching program of about 8 to 10 sessions by a professional coach. Years ago, people with a burnout were sent home for around 6 months, where they could rest. After 6 months they were probably rested, but if nothing was changed or learned, the energy gained could be lost again, just like that. Another approach was to get someone back to work as soon as possible, whether the person wanted to or not, resulting in putting too much pressure on the person and hence an increase of the stress symptoms. The fact is that there is no standard approach for someone with a burnout. Everyone is different and all situations are different. What does work is a personalized treatment plan that focuses on what is needed to get back to work. It is, of course, desirable and important that the signs of incipient burnout are picked up at an early stage; the employee can then often continue to function in the job. If one waits longer, it may be that someone has to (temporarily) stop working. But even in that case a burnout can be treated well, if the right steps are taken at the right time.

I treat people in different stages (from beginning stress complaints to complex burnout) with a personal approach. Feel free to contact me to find out if I can do something for your employees or for your company. I also developed different trainings: - Early signaling and prevention. (For managers) - Balance in energy. (For employees) - How to work online and at the office, the new hybrid way of working. (For employees) - How communicate in a healthy assertive way. (For employees, couples or anyone who is interested) I also offer the podcast “How to handle stress and live a more balanced life”. (For employees).